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Finding reliable removal company to handle your moving to a new apartment, a house or an office can turn out to be rather complicated and lengthy process. But it doesn´t have to be. With Getshipment, all you need to do is fill one short form – explain what do you need to move, where from and where to. The cheapest and most convenient removal will soon find its way straight to you.

Verified independent removers and moving companies will place their best bids to get your order. Aside from the price, you can also consider authentic reviews published by carrier´s previous customers. You are free to choose whoever fits your needs the most. Placing order with Getshipment is always simple, fast, free and unbinding. The removal itself will consequently cost you up to 75 percent less in comparison with regular rates.

Few smart tips on preparation for moving

Before you welcome your cheap and reliable removal professionals booked with Getshipment, you will have to accomplish one more task – packing and organizing all your belongings which are about to be moved. It´s not going to be easy, yet our insider tips and smart advices should make it painless.

Stock up with adequate amount of packaging materials, such as boxes, bubble wraps and polystyrene for filling up all empty spaces in boxes. Old crumpled newspaper will do just as fine. Add some strong duck tapes, markers for marking the boxes and you are ready to go. All your belongings should be organized in boxes by rooms into which they belong. This means your tiny stuff from bathroom should not be mixed with objects from living room and kitchen – they all must be packed separately and visibly marked. This system will relieve you from large headache during unpacking in your new place. And it will also give you valuable insight into the real amount, measures and character of objects that are about to be moved. Once you book your removal professionals with Getshipment, they will certainly appreciate your level of organization and information – and it will consequently help you to save much of the regular costs of removal.

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