Pets and livestock transportation

Animal transportation is always specific

Do you need to transport your show dog, horse or livestock? Transportation of live animals is considered one of the most peculiar and specific tasks in the field of road transportation. Choosing the most qualified and reliable carrier should never be underestimated. Ideal carrier will provide your animal the highest possible level of comfort, safety and reduce their stress to minimum. But he will also guide you through all of the veterinary and customs formalities – inseparable part of international transportation of animals.

Getshipment associates professional carriers who know it all. All you need to do is fill our short form and tell us what kind of animal, when and where do you need to transport. Fill our order form and you are soon going to receive quotes from our experienced carriers. Once you choose the one that suits you most, you can freely discuss all important details directly with him. 

Bonus services from our professional animal transporters

Transporting animals is unlike any other task in the field of transportation. Our carriers possess unbeatable know-how and years of expertise - and that´s why they may offer (aside from their reliability and lowest possible rates) various convenient bonus services. Are you planning to transport your animal but don´t possess certified transportation box? Our carriers are ready to lend you their own. Is your pet going to undertake especially long and tiring trip? Discuss the possible comprehensive solutions at affordable costs.

Premium services from our animal transporters include: grooming, cleaning, providing optimal nutrition and even various activities designed to help your animal live through the experience without any harm and unnecessary stress. If you want to make sure you are dealing with genuinely experienced and qualified carrier, read carefully through his profile page with ratings and detailed reviews from previous customers.

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