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Do you need to transport something from one place to another? Is the cargo too big, too heavy or too specific to be transported by common van? Look no further. Welcome on Getshipment - the most comprehensive online platform for all services in the field of freight transportation. Getshipment associates all kinds of transportation professionals – from independent carriers with single vehicle to large shipping companies with whole fleets of trucks cruising European roads on a daily basis. Whether you need to ship heavy machines or building material, our carriers are always ready to help. After all, haulage and removal with Getshipment is beneficial to everyone.

Are you ready to set up your transportation with us? All you have to do is fill our short and simple order form. Placing order with Getshipment is always free and unbinding, giving you full control of choosing the right carrier. Simply enter the pick-up / delivery addresses, total measures and weight of transported cargo. In no time you will receive competitive offers from our registered carriers, who will try to beat each other with their lowest rates. Choose the cheapest possibility, or go for the carrier with highest rating from previous customers.

Don´t forget to protect your cargo

Your cargo is, understandably, valuable. That´s why you should always consider the level of cargo protection your chosen carrier guarantees. If this level is lower than overall value of your cargo, you can always ask carrier to raise it.

Another thing you should consider is the manner of wrapping and organizing of your transported goods. Ask your chosen carrier about various possibilities and let experienced professionals guide you to make sure that your cargo will come to no harm.

Are you transporting specific cargo, such as building materials, technical equipment or extremely fragile objects? Read carefully through profiles and reviews of our registered carriers and consider choosing the one with similar past experiences. Let other Getshipment customers guide you with their reviews and find the best partner for your specific task. And remember – delivery, shipment and removal with Getshipment can save you up to 75 % of regular costs!


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