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Have you ever tried to turn your personal car into a van? Squeeze six feet long carpet into your hatchback? Or move your whole household in your family sedan? Then you probably already know that it´s frankly impossible. Save your nerves and car. Get yourself a professional carrier who possesses real van and years of expertise. You will be surprised how affordable it can actually be.

Each and every day thousands of vans cruise European continent transporting goods between producers, distributers and resellers. Their routes tend to be fixed and timetables regular. However, many of these vans are often far from being filled up to their capacity. They fill only part of their real capacity or carry goods only one way whilst returning empty and earning the transporter so called “dead mileage”.

These carriers will be more than happy to accept your order – you will enable them to earn more without additional fuel costs and they will help you to transport goods, deliver parcel or ship anything you need at the best possible rates. This way you are going to save up to 75 % of regular costs.

All of our delivery companies and carriers are verified

So you need to transport furniture, few boxes of personal belongings, electronics or sports equipment – but you are worried about the reliability of all those unverified carriers found on the internet? Don´t worry, you´ve came to the right place. All of Getshipment´s registered carriers are thoroughly verified and transparently reviewed by their previous customers.

Reading through reviews and commentaries on profile pages of our haulers will help you immediately learn, whether you are dealing with reliable professional with positive feedbacks and history of successfully accomplished orders. Reviews are written by genuine and independent customers – just like you. You can trust in their honesty and authenticity.

Fill our short order form and immediately start getting unbeatable offers from our verified carriers with vans. Choose the one with the best rates or go for the best ratings. And once your order is dispatched and received, don´t forget to write your own review.

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