Our services

Our services

What makes shipping and removals with us so convenient?

Turning something difficult into easy, making something lengthy quick and providing expensive services at the lowest rates? It´s easier than you would imagine. Getshipment offers comprehensive services in the field of road transport with one goal – making interests of those, who need something to be shipped and those, who provide transport, meet right in the middle.

Connecting demand with supply

With Getshipment, every customer finds their shipper and every shipper finds customers. We help less experienced individuals find their way around the tricky universe of shipment and transport services and choose the private haulier or the shipping company that suits him the most. On the other hand, the shipper obtains brand new flow of costumers, gets the most out of his vehicles and increases his net profits.

Manage shipping of all kinds in one place

Are you looking for reliable and cheap freight, removal companies, courier services, haulage of goods, livestock transportation or car transport? Whatever you need, look no further. Getshipment creates unique space where you can manage transport of literally anything and anywhere. Quickly, easily, reliably and efficiently - and, moreover, you will save much of the usual costs.

Getshipment benefits both sides

Day by day, our continent is being cruised by thousands of trucks carrying all kinds of goods. When they aren´t filled up to their capacity, shipper´s net profit drops while he gains so-called "dead miles". On the other side, there is a customer that needs to transport something along the same route. But this freight would cost him more, than what is the actual value of the shipped goods. Connecting these parties will benefit both of them – customer saves up to 75% of the usual costs, while the haulier increases his overall profit without any additional investment.

Trustworthy verification and evaluation

Are you new to the world of transport services? Are you worried you might end up buying "pig in a poke"? Relax, we have your back. All of our registered carriers, delivery men and haulage companies are thoroughly verified and transparently reviewed. Once they finish their assignment, the customer is encouraged to leave detailed and honest review consisting of star rating and commentary. Naturally, professionals with the highest ratings are keen to attract more future customers.


Transparent and flexible communication

From initial contact to final feedback, all communication between Getshipment´s professional transporters and customers remains transparent, convenient and easy to navigate. Also, you can take advantage of increased flexibility provided by our notifications through e-mail or text messages.

Universal platform for professionals

Getshipment creates universal space for all kinds of interaction between various professionals from the field of transportation. We promote healthy competition, assist you in building long-term business relations and facilitate the exchange of cargoes between freight forwarders, manufacturers and traders. Direct feedback from our customers can inspire carriers to improve, innovate and thrive.


Secure payment and invoicing

Getshipment offers secure and stable environment for your financial transfers. Our integrated payment and invoicing modules will flawlessly process your transactions 24/7.

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